Building a Relationship with the Family: A Caregiver’s Guide

As a caregiver, your client should be your top priority. Everything you do, from personal care to listening to their troubles, ensures they live the happiest, most comfortable lives possible. But there’s another step you can take to guarantee you’re doing everything right for your client: building a relationship with the family.

It’s important to cultivate a positive relationship with your client’s family. Not only will this foster a healthier environment for them, but establishing trust will go a long way to improve your overall experience as a caregiver. An open line of communication will help confirm that your client is getting all the support they require.

Keep these key factors in mind when building a relationship with your client’s family.

Get to know them

Chances are, you will interact with some key members of your client’s family on a semi-regular basis. Take some additional time to acquaint yourself with them. Make an effort to learn their names. Ask how they are, about their current day-to-day, and any other major talking points when you see them.

In the eyes of your client’s family, this will show that you are more than someone who works for them. You’re an active participant in their lives who strives to make a positive impact.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Some people hesitate to ask questions out of fear that it may make them appear uninformed about their work. This is not the case. Asking questions will help you get a better idea of what your client and their family requires from you, which will help you work more efficiently in the long term.

On occasion, ask for feedback on your services—what you’re doing well and what you could improve upon. They’ll appreciate your professionalism, and you may be able to improve upon your services.

Be honest

Too many caregivers are eager to share the positives of the job while simultaneously brushing aside the negatives. Don’t keep anything from the family—you should be honest every step of the way.

Are they asking too much of you? Inform them of what services you’re able to provide, and what services you’re not. Are you starting to notice their elderly loved one is experiencing new issues? Tell them sooner rather than later. No matter what it is, they’ll respect you for being candid with them.

Be respectful

There may be times that you don’t see eye-to-eye with your client’s family. This is bound to happen. The family of your client will, on occasion, have concerns about their loved one’s wellbeing. Be respectful about those concerns and listen to them.

As mentioned earlier, being open and honest will help dissolve whatever disagreements arise. Respond in a calm, respectful manner that encourages discussion instead of aggravation. This will lead to solutions to whatever worries your client’s family has at a more rapid pace.

Building a strong relationship with your client’s family won’t happen overnight, but the peace of mind you’ll provide them will be worth it.

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