Assyrian Universal Alliance foundation Hosts 4th of July Celebration

AUAF celebrates Independence day

Lincolnwood, IL – July 3, 2024 – The Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation (AUAF) proudly hosted a vibrant 4th of July celebration, uniting the community for a day of festivities, live music, and tributes. Held at AUAF’s location at 4343 W Touhy Ave, the event honored local law enforcement and celebrated the unity and patriotism of our community.

“Today, we come together not only to celebrate our nation’s independence but to honor the brave men and women of our local law enforcement and fire departments who selflessly serve our community,” said Tiglat P. Issabey, President of AUAF. “Their dedication and sacrifice are the cornerstones of our safety and security. This event is a testament to the strength of our unity and our collective commitment to supporting one another.”

The event saw enthusiastic participation from distinguished guests and local law enforcement agencies, including representatives from the Chicago 20th District, Assyrian American Police Association, Lincolnwood Police Department, Lincolnwood Fire Department, and the Chicago Police Department. Their presence underscored the event’s commitment to community safety and collaboration.

Highlights of the event included live musical performances that set a festive tone throughout the day. Guests enjoyed delicious food and had the opportunity to tour the foundation, gaining a deeper understanding of Assyrian culture and AUAF’s mission.

AUAF celebrates Indepedence Day


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