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Applying for In-Home Services Through a Home Care Agency: Seniors who are Illinois residents and need assistance with activities of daily living such as personal care, meal preparation and housekeeping can apply for a professional caregiver through a program administered by the Illinois Department of Aging (IDoA).

The Community Care Program (CCP Services) provides seniors who wish to stay in their homes with assistance. The IDoA established the program in 1979; and has helped thousands of seniors receive assistance. Keep in mind, home care assistance is different from home health, nursing homes, and health care assistance. There are two ways to apply to these programs – either through the IDoA itself or through an accredited agency. If you or your elderly loved one needs assistance, how can you apply?

Applying for In-Home Services Through the IDoA

When applying to the IDoA for senior care services in the state of Illinois; it’s important to find the correct contacts. The IDoA itself does not handle the application; they hand off the application and relevant personal information to the Care Coordination Unit (CCU) for that region.

The CCU for the region will conduct an eligibility check to make sure the senior qualifies for services; then conduct a home visit to assess the needs of the senior. A care plan will be created listing what services will be available to the senior living at home. The CCU contacts the senior with a list of home care providers to choose from; depending on the region where the senior lives. After that point, the home care agency takes over the process with the senior to schedule caregivers.

Choosing Your Own At-Home Caregiver from the IDoA

When applying for at-home caregiver services; it’s important to remember that the IDoA program allows you to choose your own caregiver. When applying for services from the IDoA, that step happens after the care plan is created, and a suitable caregiver must be found from the agency chosen. This can delay the process, depending on staffing levels at the selected agency. That’s why many people choose to apply through a home care agency, as they can start finding a suitable caregiver earlier in the process.

Applying for In-Home Services Through a Home Care Agency

By contacting an approved home care agency to start the process, seniors who need at-home care can make the process much smoother and easier from the beginning. A professional home care agency will go over the application with you, including the relevant documentation needed.

They will then help guide you through the process, including reminders of the home visit and the customization of your care plan. The home care agency works with IDoA to create the best plan possible for you. Even better, by starting the process with a home care agency, they can begin to look for the best possible caregiver for your needs.

Choosing a Family Member as Your Caregiver from a Home Care Agency

In some circumstances, it is possible for a family member to serve as your paid caregiver. A professional home care agency will provide the necessary training and documentation so that the caregiver can be ready to go as soon as your care plan is approved with IDoA.

The Easiest Way to Apply for At-Home Care

The choice seems clear. Since the senior or their family will eventually need to choose a home care agency at some point in the process, it makes sense to start there in order to benefit from the agency’s experience in helping seniors get the care they need.

And working with a home care agency to help you apply for care services may mean your caregiver can be ready to go as soon as your plan is approved. Even if that caregiver is a member of your family, getting you the assistance you need even sooner.

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With more than two decades experience providing seniors, age 60 and older years of age, with the elderly care they need, Home Care Powered by AUAF can help you or your elderly loved ones find and receive in-home care. From assistance with errands to technology and organization help, our professional caregivers provide seniors with quality care.

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Home Care Powered by AUAF is a leading Chicagoland provider of quality non-medical in-home care for seniors. Our goal is to enable our clients to maintain the highest possible level of independent living in their own homes.

We live and work in the communities in which we serve. Most importantly, we are just as much a part of your family, as you are a part of ours. Just as you have enriched our lives, through this service we hope to enrich yours.

Our core mission is to ensure our clients’ healthy lifestyle and well-being. Please contact us today at 773-274-9262 or contact us here to ask how Home Care Powered by AUAF can be of assistance to you or your loved ones. We look forward to answering your questions, and welcome your feedback.

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