Activities to Cope with Post-Holiday Blues for the Elderly

The holidays are officially over, and everyone is back from vacation. After having merry, bright, and happy holidays with the entire family, the elders are especially those who might feel low. We are sharing activities to cope with post-holiday blues for the elderly.

What is post-holiday blues?

When the holiday season is over, many of us might feel low and unhappy. Soon after the holidays, going back to the day-to-day routine can feel depressing and cause unwanted anxiety. It is undeniably more in people aged 65 or older as their family and loved ones are back to the routine, creating a void in companionship.

After the holidays’ high and hectic schedules, they might feel the slump and not enjoy the routine. Our elderly loved ones can end up feeling lonely, tired, anxious, and have a sense of loss during this time of year.

Recognizing the symptoms in older adults

Post-holiday blues share many of the same symptoms as clinical depression that we can notice in our elderly loved ones. The symptoms may include insomnia, low energy, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and anxiety. But it is important to realize that, unlike depression, the post-holiday symptoms are usually short-lived in most cases.

Factors that lead to holiday blues include tiredness due to hectic holiday routines, fewer sunlight hours, a festive diet, alcohol at parties, or loneliness due to the inability to be with friends or family. But evidently, there are activities to cope with these unwanted blues.

Getting back to the routine

It is without a doubt very crucial to have a fixed day-to-day routine for older adults. It reduces anxiety and creates a set goal for the day, especially if they enjoy a good mix of activities, like a board game they love to play with a friend. Their health improves a lot if they feed, take medications, bathe and eat at the right times.

Fresh air and sunshine

During winter, it is important to realize that a quick stroll in a park or sitting out in a sit-out helps the body to feel rejuvenated. Of course, care must be taken to dress them properly for winter and appropriate shoes for the walk.

If going outdoors is not possible, seating them by a sunlit window is a good option. A little time in sunshine works wonders for the body as well as the mind.

A light form of exercise

After holidays, the elders suffer from many unwanted health complications like fatigue, digestion, and slump. So your older adult will benefit from some light exercises like chair yoga or seated exercises. Reach out to your physician to suggest some physical activity based on your older adult’s comfort.

Help them discover a new hobby.

It is never late to discover a new hobby, and ringing in the new year with a new hobby can make your elderly loved one feel accomplished. Maybe you will end up discovering that your older loved one is a great photographer or maybe a writer! So go ahead and encourage them to explore their interests.

Dedicate a day for them

Dedicate an activity day for your elderly loved one every week this year. Plan an activity dedicated to your elderly. Get some popcorn and hot chocolate ready for a fun movie night with your elderly loved ones, plan for a luxury spa day together, or maybe a fun game night with their friends.

Explore activities that they will enjoy and look forward to the day. It can provide a much-needed break in the routine and help make your bond stronger.

Companionship for your elder

When the elder lives on their own, they enjoy the freedom to live life as they choose. But the flip side is they may experience loneliness, depression, and unwanted anxiety issues. So it is important for them to have a companion.

Companionship care can also be much more than just a conversation. A senior’s companion may also help with cognitive function by engaging in activities like games that stimulate the senior’s mind or jigsaw puzzles that help fine motor function and keep them intellectually engaged. An at-home care aide will also find out what activities the senior enjoys and can participate in and join in where they can—for example, taking a walk in a nearby park or discussing a favorite book, or providing timely medication.

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