9 Gift Ideas for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Does your elderly loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease? Whether they are living at home alone, or receiving in-home care, it can be difficult to know what gifts are appropriate for someone with Alzheimer’s. While everyone who suffers from the disease is different; there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a gift. Some Alzheimer’s patients suffer from severe memory loss, while others may exhibit less cognitive decline. Choosing a gift that meets their specific needs is important. That’s why we gathered 9 gift ideas for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in this blog.

Guidelines for Gift Giving for seniors with Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends a few different types of gifts. For those in earlier stages of the disease, items that assist with functions of daily life can be helpful. As are items that may help them maintain some memories. They caution, however, that gifts of technology may be confusing to someone who doesn’t understand how to set it up or how it works. And they recommend setting the devices up for them or, at a minimum, making a copy of the instructions so the gift giver can walk through the instructions on the phone later.  They also recommend that, in general, packaging should not refer to the product being specifically for Alzheimer’s patients; as that may make the recipient not want to use it.

Gifts for Seniors In Home Care with Early Stage Alzheimer’s

The key to these gifts is that they help the senior with daily function without being too complicated.

  • Simple music player. Listening to music can deliver many benefits to an Alzheimer’s patient. From reducing stress to encouraging movement. Several companies have developed simple to use music players. Pre-loaded with music that elderly people may remember from their youth. The controls are extremely simple and the player only needs to be plugged in and turned on.
  • An amplified photo phone. Large picture buttons allow seniors to dial with just one touch. And an amplified speaker phone allows seniors to make and receive calls with better audio quality. Many models include a visual alert as well as a ringer.
  • A Date and Day Clock. Many people with Alzheimer’s can lose track of the day, date and time pretty easily. So having an easy-to-see, automatically set clock is a valuable tool. Experts suggest it is best to have a clock that spells out the entire name of the day rather than an abbreviation, and it’s best to avoid a cluttered display that can be confusing.
  • Medicine reminder and dispenser. Elderly Alzheimer’s patients often have many different medications to take on a daily basis. Usually at different intervals and some multiple times per day. A system to dispense medications can be enormously valuable, increasing compliance and virtually eliminating the risk of accidental double doses. Advanced models can even monitor usage, alerting you when a dose is missed. A senior home care aide can also help manage medication reminders and schedules.

Gifts for the Elderly in Home Care with Later Stage Alzheimer’s

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the disease may present more challenges to caregivers and the elderly alike. These gifts may help with some of the effects of the disease at a later stage.

  • A system to alert you when your loved one wanders. GPS watches are just one way that loved ones can monitor an elderly relative with Alzheimer’s to ensure they do not wander off. Many of these devices are made to look like regular watches, so that the person receiving it doesn’t feel self-conscious about wearing it.
  • Activity boards/pillows/blankets. As those with more serious cognitive decline continue to age, some may become agitated or fidgety, not knowing what to do with their hands and requiring stimulation of some kind to reduce anxiety. Weighted blankets can promote calm, while an activity box or a twiddle muff can keep hands busy.
  • Sensory products. Whether it’s a scented lotion (lavender is soothing), or a soft robe, products that stimulate the senses can help with cognitive function, or just provide soothing feelings.

Gifts for the Elderly in Home Care with Any Stage Alzheimer’s

No matter what stage of Alzheimer’s disease your loved one is in, these gifts will provide them enjoyment.

  • Simplified TV Remote. Elderly people, including those with Alzheimer’s, may like to watch television. It can provide stimulation and help keep them connected to the outside world. But modern remote controls can have over 100 different buttons, and they may control devices that the user doesn’t even own anymore. A simplified remote with a few pre-set buttons and simple volume and channel up/down controls can make TV viewing easier.
  • Photo collages. Whether it’s a frame with multiple pictures, a photo blanket or a digital photo frame, photos of friends, family and loved ones can not only be cherished gifts, they can also help a person with Alzheimer’s remember others. The key to any photo assembly, however, is that you should label pictures with people’s names, even people the person with Alzheimer’s remembers regularly.

While many of these products and gifts can help improve the function of an elderly person with Alzheimer’s, there’s no substitute for time and human contact that come with personalized in-home care. Whether you give your elderly loved one a homemade coupon for housecleaning, or seek assistance from a professional in-home elderly caregiver, the gift of time is something they are sure to appreciate.

Home Care Powered by AUAF Can Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Whether it’s providing companionship and social interaction, assistance with personal care or helping them set up and use technology, our in-home care aides can make this holiday season easier for you and your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Find out how by calling us at 773-274-9262 or contact us today.

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