15 Reasons Why You Should Become a Senior Caregiver Now

15 Reasons Why You Should Become a Senior Caregiver Now:

Caring for seniors has never been more important as the population ages. The Census Bureau estimates that in less than 15 years, there will be more seniors over the age of 65 than children under 18, and there are currently more than 46 million seniors living in the US.

With that trend comes a different phenomenon; more seniors are making informed decisions to live at home on their own. Rather than receive full-time medical care at an assisted living facility or nursing home. And many don’t need medical diagnosis or treatment, just some assistance with their daily living. That’s where at-home care aides can make a difference. And as of July 1st, Home Care Powered by AUAF’s in-home care aides will earn $18/hour. This is a better wage than many other home care agencies.

Why Become an At-Home Care Aide

In addition to the $18/hour wage, there are many reasons to become an in-home caregiver, including:

  • Fulfillment: Being a home caregiver is a rewarding career that you can feel good about. In some circumstances, you can even become a paid caregiver for your parents or another elderly relative.
  • Job security: With projections suggesting more than 75 million seniors will be living in the US over the next decade or so, there will always be plenty of seniors who need help at home.
  • Career stepping stone: Many home care aides use the experience they gain as a home care aide and go on to provide a different level of care in the nursing profession, such as a certified nursing assistant or home health aide.

The Work You’ll Do as a Home Care Aide

The services provided by an at-home caregiver vary, depending on each individual’s care plan. For some seniors, you might help them follow medical advice with medication reminders. With others, you’ll help with light housekeeping such as sweeping, dusting, and organizing.

And with some seniors, you’ll provide personal care assistance like help with bathing and dressing. An advantage of providing this wide range of services is that you’ll likely never have the same day twice, keeping you interested and on your toes.

What You Need to Become a Senior Caregiver

In order to start your career as an in-home caregiver for seniors, you’ll need a high school diploma, plus a few different types of documentation such as your Social Security Card, State ID or Drivers License, and proof of citizenship or work authorization. Unlike many agencies, we provide paid training programs to give you all the caregiving training you’ll need to get started. Contact Home Care Powered by AUAF or call us at (773) 274-9262 to find out more about how to become a senior caregiver.

Looking to Be an In-Home Caregiver in Illinois?

Oftentimes as our family members grow older, we begin to take on daily tasks for them. This can include helping with laundry, basic grooming, meal preparation, and even preparing meals. These are the exact types of tasks that are performed by an in-home caregiver. Because these tasks can often be time-consuming, opting into a full-time or part-time job as a caregiver for your loved one may be the best option for you.

Home Care Powered by AUAF offers a competitive hourly rate of $18 an hour to our in-home caregivers. This rate is dependent upon performance. Successful performance is the completion and submission of monthly task sheets and timely punch in and out. We also offer additional compensation for traveling time and mileage.

Take note that this amount is higher than the average pay rate for caregivers around the country. At Home Care Powered by AUAF, we are dedicated to providing the best senior home care services through our caregivers to those we care for. Whether you are in Chicago or beyond, we serve many communities in Illinois. Take a look at the different communities we serve.

Find out more about being an in-home caregiver for seniors at Home Care Powered by AUAF. Whether you want to be a caregiver for your parent, or want to pursue caregiving as a career, be sure to consider the quality reputation of Home Care Powered by AUAF.

We provide competitive pay and training. If you’d like to apply or would like more information, call us at (773) 274-9262 You can also fill out the form and a Home Care Powered by AUAF representative will contact you.

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