10 Signs that Your Elderly Needs a Caregiver

As a rising trend in the United States, the older adults population are preferring to age in place. Many of these elderly struggle with daily tasks and taking care of their health. This article talks about 10 Signs that your elderly needs a caregiver.

Although seniors may deny they need care or refuse to ask for help, it’s crucial to determine whether your loved one needs senior care.

Missing Appointments

The major giveaway sign that your elderly need care is that they often miss appointments, events, and important occasions due to Alzheimer’s or dementia onset.

Missing scheduled appointments can be raised red flags that your elderly loved one is going through.

Bad or Poor Personal Hygiene

The elderly may find that they no longer adhere to the personal care routines they’ve maintained over the years leading to poor hygiene and personal grooming.

A sure giveaway sign is a steady downfall in grooming and personal hygiene. Hence to maintain good hygiene, elderly care is very important.

Cluttered House

It must be remembered that elders, as they age, find it increasingly difficult to manage and maintain an organized and clean house. Along with this, we see hoarding issues with seniors that add to the clutter and increase the risk of falling and bumping into objects.

Change in Their Social Life

The biggest change, without a doubt, is your elderly loved one is struggling with socializing. They are more comfortable being at home and usually prefer skipping events or getting together. They might have stopped enjoying their hobbies or doing things they love due to changes in mobility or mindset.

Certainly, this is especially true in adults aged 65 or older with dementia or other cognitive impairment. We notice seniors fade from their previous personalities, forgetting the names of their friends and family. They start retreating into themselves, and their moods change swiftly.

Poor Driving Skills

Whenever your elderly loved one cannot explain the mysterious dents, scrapes, or scratches on their vehicles, it can signify that they need help.

They struggle with directions on the road. Hitting the gas pedal instead of breaking it are all red flags to watch out for.

It is very common to notice driving skills deteriorating due to stiff muscles, joint pains, low vision, or arthritis.

Bad Credit or Payment History

It is very easy to lose track of payments and bills when the elderly struggle with memory and age-related issues. So watch out for the glaring sign if they are struggling with their finances and help keep them off bad credit.

Not Allowed to Run Errands

An equally important sign that cannot be missed is your elderly loved one running errands. They find it difficult to do grocery shopping or pick up medications.

Medication Management

Remembering to take your medication is difficult for many people, but even more so for the elderly. It’s just one more thing to keep track of, and it can be confusing and frustrating, resulting in mismanagement of medications.

Weight Gain or Loss

It is important to remember that seniors are at higher risk of gaining or losing weight due to hormonal or changed metabolism. Hence improper diet and neglecting eating nutritious food can lead to bad appetite and health.

So, if you notice any changes in eating habits, weight gain, or loss, they might require assistance in meal preparation and maintaining a good diet.

Why Senior Home Care Services Are Important

Homecare assistance allows our elderly community to live more independently and continue to enjoy the lives they’ve built at home. These services are becoming a necessary part of our communities as life expectancy grows.

Our core mission is to ensure our clients’ healthy lifestyles and well-being.

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